Friday, August 15, 2008

The Olympics and Deadlines

Wow... so I survived my 'Fear Factor' style vacation these past few days with my buddy Mike Geary here in Colorado. The highlight was conquering the 3rd hardest and most violent set of rapids in US called Gore Canyon!

We went over three sets of 8-foot waterfalls and I still have no idea how we didn't do any swimming and I came out completely unharmed.

In between hot springs, wine tasting, hiking to water falls, sky diving and white water rafting, I've been watching the Olympics and wanted to point out ONE reason I believe they have achieved so much in their respective sports.

The athletes set deadlines.

They don't wing it.

They don't hope they qualify or make it.

They don't have a 'We'll see what happens...' attitude.

They have VERY SPECIFIC goals.

And goals without deadlines are DREAMS!>

Each athlete knows on a specific day that it's show time!

Now let's apply this to you...

Have you set a deadline for when you are going to gain another 6 pounds of muscle mass around your shoulders, chest and arms?

Have you set a deadline for when you're going to lose that last 15 pounds of stubborn belly fat?

Have you set a deadline for when you're going to be 12 weeks closer to your goals instead of 12 weeks further from your goals?

So here's how I am going to help you.

I cordially invite you to take on my 12-week transformation contest. I'm giving $1,000 cash to the best skinny guy transformation, best chubby guy transformation and best overall female transformation.

Go to to read the rules. After that you need to send your Before Pictures to

The contest ends November 9, 2009 so your last day to start would be this Monday August 18th.

Here are the benefits of setting deadlines and using a transformation contest to make the most of the next 12 weeks:

1. Help you finally prioritize your goal of improving your health and physique and the way you feel about yourself.

2. You're outside your comfort zone and will be forced to take continual action and this is the ONLY time change happens.

3. You won't procrastinate - every single workout and meal counts now and will move you closer to your goal or further from your goal.

4. You will build experience quickly and be forced to apply my 'trial and error' technique and ensure you lose 1% each and every week.

5. You'll have a kick-butt set of Before and After pictures that you can share with your friends for life.

If you want to seriously lean down then grab my fat loss program -->

If you seriously want to gain some size then grab my muscle program -->

Both programs work even better when you put a deadline to them :)

I'm off to catch a plane for Kelowna, BC to watch my brother race in the National Triathlon Championships this Sunday.

I'll be looking forward to getting your Before pictures over the weekend.

Have a great weekend,

Vince Delmonte
Author, No Nonsense Muscle Building
Author, Your Six Pack Quest
Contributor to Men's Fitness Magazine
Advisory Team, Maximum Fitness Magazine

P.S. Check out what Pam said about the Female Only workout that accompanies my Your Six Pack Quest program...

'Just finished day one of the women's version and I have to say that is quite a workout! I really was surprised it was that hard (and I like hard!) So thanks for the start. I know it's up to me to finish.'

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