Friday, December 21, 2007

The ONE thing that will make 2008 your best year EVER

What is the MAIN thing that will determine your fitness results in 2008? Not genetics. Not drugs. Not time. Not motivation. Not knowledge. Not a better program. Not a coach. Not a piece of equipment.

There is one thing MORE powerful, in my confident opinion, than any other factor - CONSISTENCY!

Here's what is going to happen in about 10 days when 2008 hits:

Every single person is going to be surfing Google for "muscle building program" or "build massive muscle" and they will be surfing every bodybuilding website and forum, until they find the ONE.

Once they find the ONE, they will feel confident that this is the solution to their problems. They are excited because the program is new.

But after 3 or 4 weeks (maybe they make it 3 or 4 months if they're really ambitious) it gets old. It's not "exciting" anymore which results in a few more Google searches until they find another program from someone they have never heard of before or perhaps they discover a unique training method which looks better than the hard training they are already doing.

They immediately print off this new workout, and the program you planned on being the ONE a few weeks ago, is suddenly by the waste side because it's been replaced with a new one.

This will happen over and over and over again until, believe it or not, it will be 2009 and they'll have little to show for all the programs they've "taste tested" and not been consistent with.

Can you relate?

The program has not failed you. You have failed yourself. You have failed in NOT being consistent and NOT giving it enough time to work.

Do you think pro bodybuilders switch between full body workouts for a few weeks then kettlebells another month then sand bag training, then Olympic training, then Pilates then 10 x 10, blah, blah, blah. NO!

Pro bodybuilders (or eliete athletes for that matter) do not program hop. They do the same things year in and year out - they are consistent! Sure, they might incorporate some better methods over the years but they are consistent in applying the FOUR things that truly make a difference in a muscular physique:

Overload + Progression + Caloric Support + Consistency

That is it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

In recent conversations with some of my most muscular friends, a common theme arises. Each of these guys and gals have built their physiques with only 1 (or maybe 2) methods of training. But they are CONSISTENT, year in and year out, with the method they follow.

They are okay with "missing out" on the latest trends, programs and philosophies because they are getting great results being consistent and not getting distracted by the "latest" no matter how promising something may seem.

Committ yourself to being consistnet in 2008!

Vince DelMonte
Author & Creator, No Nonsense Muscle Building
Contributor to Men's Fitness Magazine


mj said...

I agree completely, my gym is full of program hoppers a few working the "mirror muscles" with no intensity. Great advice!

NorCal Jon said...

Great Post! I agree 100%. I have been there myself, "program jumping". I make my living training people, I can attest to the fact that consistency is #1 when it comes to making gains in the gym, period.

Ang Yik Siang said...

strongly agree with u!!!! i follow what u have said for year and year and it really have a good result!!

Anonymous said...

yeah this is very true
commitment towards a program is one of the most essential criteria

Best places to get meds online said...

hello, I think your post is off in one important area. Most people don't move on to the next program when not getting results. They quit! Me personally I stick to the program and it works until it doesn't, then I add sets, exersises and volume in general. I continue to make gains until it gets to the point that I can't increase the workout into infinity. Anytime I try the newest or next way to workout I always lose size and strengh and go back to my old routine. Last about Creatine. I have had amazing results on it for up to 6 weeks. Bigger, stronger and mory energy every time in the gym. Then you hit a wall. When you quit creatine you want to cry. All of the hard work and strength go away faster then they came. It would be ok if you quit and lost half of your gains but you don't they all go away. Mike